Affordable Advertising


LEO provides retailers affordable marketing opportunities. Becoming a LEO retailer is far more cost-effective than radio, print or television advertising and unlike other traditional advertising options, you can fully track the results of your marketing message.

Retailers control their exclusive offers with LEO and can change their offers 24/7 with simple access to the Internet. Unlike other advertising platforms, you don’t need to plan your offers three months in advance – if you have an offer you need to promote today, simply add that offer in LEO and it’s live. You have full control over your message. You can add or change offers in seconds, drive people to your social media; all the while gaining full tracking analytics on how well your message is being received. All of this and more help you increase your sales right away.

When LEO retailers take advantage of services such as push notifications, they can get their offers sent directly to the segment of the market they want. This method is better than the “pay & pray” methods of billboards, bus shacks and other traditional advertising. Don’t throw your money away any longer. Join LEO and get your offers shown to customers in the manner they prefer the most – their mobile phone.

For a limited time and a limited amount of retailers, your business can join LEO for an entire year completely for FREE. We’re so confident in our ability to drive more traffic to your business that we’ll let you join for FREE. After the first year, you’ll have true trackable results that help you to see that LEO is your best marketing choice.
What are you waiting for? Apply today to get your company listed with LEO and start receiving more customers.