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LEO brings retailer offers to consumers on the technology tool of their choice – their smartphone.

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Consumers in your area are rapidly downloading the FREE LEO App on their smartphone and are looking for exclusive offers from businesses like yours. Isn’t it time you finally were able to capture the consumer’s attention?


In today’s marketplace, consumers use their smartphones for everything. Their phone is their alarm clock, their mp3 player, their camera, their photo album, their day timer and much, much more. Many would say that their phone is their life. Doesn’t it make sense for your business to find a way to advertise to the consumer on a device that is so important to them and that is ALWAYS at their side?


LEO is an innovative new mobile App that is the perfect solution to find consumers in your area looking for your products and services. It’s free to download for all consumers with an iPhone or Android device. It’s available to businesses of any size that want to reach the masses directly through a smartphone.

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LEO welcomes all retailers, with the exceptions listed below. Retailer content will not contain any material that is inappropriate for general and family viewing (e.g., sexually explicit materials, materials advocating violence or hatred, or any material the display of which may be unlawful in any state). Retailer content will not contain any material that discriminates on the basis of race, sex, gender preference, nationality, disability or age (unless the product by its nature is lawfully restricted to persons of a certain gender or age range). A retailer will be a “brick and mortar” retail establishment and not a web-based business.