Get Rewarded


It pays to help LEO grow.

LEO has created a unique and exciting rewards program that pays you to help them grow.

After downloading LEO and filling out your profile, you’re now registered for the LEO rewards program.

LEO will distribute 5% of our sales to our consumers, rewarding you for helping LEO to grow. The program works in this fashion.

Earn reward points by doing the following:

Point System
Downloading LEO and filling out your profile = 100 points.

Refer your family and friends to download LEO and fill out their profile = 50 points per referral/profile.
(Profiles must be legitimate people over the age of 16 years old. When the person downloads LEO they must put your affiliate code in the
“How did you hear about us?” section in order for you to receive the reward points)

Accept Current Location = 10 points

Accept Push Notifications = 10 points

Share an Offer on Twitter or Facebook = 5 points per Unique Offer Shared

View a Push Notification = 3 points

Tap on a Unique Offer = 1 point per Unique Offer

Open the LEO APP weekly = 1 point per week maximum

At the end of every year, LEO will establish a dollar amount per point based on 5% of LEO’s sales. LEO will then credit your account based on how many points you have accumulated. You then have the ability to use that credit at any participating LEO retailer, getting yourself free products or services.

Help us grow, and we will reward you!

It’s that simple, so download LEO for FREE today and start telling everyone you know.

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