Easy To Use



Using LEO to get great offers is easy. Go to a LEO retailer, choose an offer you like, and show your phone to the cashier. Then, the savings are yours!


The LEO App empowers you in a way that other platforms couldn’t do so before. No more cutting coupons or carrying coupon books with you everywhere you go… just open LEO on your iPhone or Android device and you get instant savings.

Save Money

When you find a retailer where you want to save money, simply click on their offer, show the cashier your smartphone, and save money immediately. No points to collect, no coupons to clip and no daily emails to delete – just real cash savings at retailers, when and where you choose to shop. Thousands of exclusive offers are at your fingertips, and you choose when to use them, and if you want to use them.

Share with Friends

You can then share the offer with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. Make sure you join as an Affiliate so you can get rewarded by helping LEO grow. To learn how you can get paid to help LEO grow, simply click here to Get Rewarded.

Remember, the more people that use LEO means more offers and more savings in the future.